Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Getting started is easy! Either phone us to arrange a time to come to the facility and see exactly what we offer, or drop in to one of our scheduled classes to see first hand what happens inside Fusion (Peter de Been Jiu Jitsu Cairns).

It's never too late to learn. We have a variety of classes, from beginners, through to advanced. If you're worried about being left out and thinking you won't be able to keep up because your new, think again. You will be guided through the basics in one of the beginner classes by one of our experienced instructors. From there, you can join in any class you prefer and you will be made to feel like it's your second home.

BJJ is ideal for Men, Women and Children. We have classes available for everyone, so you can learn in a relaxed environment, from Cairns & North QLD's highest ranked instructors.

Starting off in any martial art is always tricky, as you don't really know what is a good school and what is a not so good school. BJJ has a governing body established to monitor Official Academies and there ranks. The governing body is called the 'Australian Federation of Brazilian Jiu jitsu" (afbjj). We have been a long term  member of the afbjj since 1997. Before you start training Jiu Jitsu, make sure your school is affiliated with the afbjj, to ensure authentic BJJ. See Below for what BJJ classes we have on offer.

  • BJJ: Our BJJ classes are all taught in the Gi. We focus heavily on positional control, escapes, defense, attacks, drills, and an emphasis on repetition. A sure way of learning techniques, based on leverage and technique instead of strength to beat much bigger opponents with ease.
  • BJJ Fundamentals: Our basics class where focus is placed on movements, basic techniques and drills. Definitely a class every one can benefit from and is highly recommended for beginners to understand key concepts.
  • Women's Only BJJ: (Commencing March 2012) Like our regular class this is a Gi class for women where you can train confidently with other women and learn techniques specific for your strength and frame, whilst also learning some of the best self defense tools, a woman could ask for.
  • BJJ Advanced: For Blue belts and above only. This class is an opportunity for the higher ranked members to participate and learn the finer details that may be lacking from their game, or to train more with some top-notch members.

Be sure to come early if you intend on training for your first visit.


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